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"Live the Life Aquatic with MSD" - Steve Zissou

As most experienced divers know, there is far more to diving - and being a diver, than just taking classes. Divers want dive experiences. MSD offers an extensive program of dive trips and social events for divers to enjoy their new found passion.

Local Dives

We offer fun dives to the Cuyuna Mines every Saturday from May through October and also one, if not two weeknight fun dives per week, during this same time period. While Cuyuna diving is awesome in it's own right, experienced divers know that staying active with local dives will help them better enjoy a winter dive trip by keeping their dive skills sharp.

Regional Dives

At least once every summer, we offer a Great Lake shipwreck trip. Our rotation of shipwreck diving destinations include:

          Tobermory Ontario                    Munising MI

          Alpena MI                                 Isle Royale N.P.

          Straights of Mackinac MI


If the logistics allow, we may run this trip as what we call a "Ride and Dive" trip. Many divers are also motorcycle enthusiasts. So for those who want to combine a bike and dive trip, we will have one of our dive vans make the journey as well - in order to carry the biker's diving equipment. Obviously, those that want to take their own vehicle can do that too. 

International Dives

Twice, if not three times each winter we lead dive groups to warm water diving destinations. Commonly towards the end of January we will head to Cozumel or Roatan, Honduras. these two destinations - being our most popular are rotated each year. Toward the end of February we will take off to a series of other diving destinations that are rotated on a little longer cycle. These include:


Caye Caulker, Belize             Little Cayman C.I.

Turneffe Atoll, Belize             Bonaire N.A.

Every couple years we will organize a dive trip to a more exotic location such as:


Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon            Fiji

Palau                                  Malaysia

Solomon Islands                   Indonesia

Social Activities

Fun Dive "Talk Smart" Sessions

After every week night fun dive, most of us head to the local watering hole to kick-back, relax and socialize about the dive we just completed or shared past dive experiences. During the winter months we will occasionally send out a call for a "No Fun Dive Night." This is just like a fun dive, but we skip the dive and just get together - winters are long in Minnesota, and sometimes we just want to spend some time with our buddies who haven't been around since the fun dive season.

Social Night

Usually in the spring we will plan a social night, where we will get together to talk about the past years trips, or what dive experiences we have planned for this upcoming summer. We have a short program or presentation followed by a dinner at one of our fine local dining facilities.