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Servicing your equipment...

Being in business for 60 years, we have the experience and knowledge to repair items that we sell, along with most items we don't. Todd Matthies (owner of MSD) oversees all repair work (if he's not doing the actual repair himself - which is usually the case) and double checks every repair before you, our customer, receive a call saying your gear is ready to be picked up. We also have set up a pre-trip inspection program for the warm water divers; get your gear inspected before you leave on your trip - we will do only what is necessary to insure that you won't have any issues on your vacation. Then bring your equipment in for its annual warranty service once you get back from the trip, and let us strip it down entirely to get the salt water cleaned out. You don't want salt water to be corroding your equipment for a year and then get it cleaned right before your next trip - by then the damage will be done. With this program, there will be no need to do an annual service before the trip and then again once you get back!

During your annual warranty service, we completely disassemble your equipment...

We then thoroughly inspect all parts, replacing ones that are worn...

We ultrasonically clean everything else. After another thorough examination, we reassemble and tune to factory specs. 

MSD 2020 Repair Labor Rate Sheet

Regulator and BC repairs and cylinder hydrostatic tests average a one week turn around. Visual inspection of tanks are usually completed while you wait.

(All parts are additional unless covered by manufacturer's warranty)

Annual Service

  • Regulator
    • $20.00 per stage

    • $6.00 per Inflator Hose

    • $8.00 per SPG Swivel or Quick Disconnect


  • BC with normal Inflator $25.00
    • $20.00 for Inflator
    • $5.00 for Dump Valves


  • BC with Integrated Inflator / Alternate Air Source $45.00
    • $20.00 for Inflator
    • $20.00 for Air Source
    • $5.00 for Dump Valves


  • Computer Battery Change
    • $10.00 (does not include battery)

 Additional Charges

  • Any Add-on (i.e. Sound Signaling Devices, Swivels, Automatic Closure Devices)
    • $8.00


  • Heavy Corrosion per Regulator System or BC
    • $10.00


  • Rush Service – (If possible for us)
    • 24 Hour
      •  Add $25.00 per Regulator System or BC
    • 48 to 72 hour
      •  Add $20.00 per Regulator System or BC

Pre-Trip Inspection

  • Standard 3 Stage Regulator
    • $10.00

  • Standard BC
    • $5.00

  • BC with Inflator and Integrated Alternate Air Source
    • $10.00

Annual Cylinder Visual Inspection

  • $10.00 
  • $5.00 for a refill

5 year Cylinder DOT Hydrostatic Test

  • $30.00 Inlcudes visual inspection 

  • $5.00 for a refill