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Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver course is an important and crucial step in expanding a diver’s training and experience beyond a purely recreational level.  It is designed to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for individuals to effectively perform diver rescues and assists, manage diving accident situations, and render proper first aid. The Rescue Diver Course offers a ciriculum that encourages divers to look beyond their own diving skills and focus on helping others. When questioned, most divers refer to this as their most rewarding class. 

Traditional Classroom

Course Fee: 


$195 includes PADI's processing fee


Items for Class: 


Rescue Diver manual $39.95

Rescue Diver DVD $29.95

PADI Rescue Diver
 (Traditional Classroom)

The PADI Rescue Diver Course broadens a diver's awareness and improves their skills and confidence. It is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to prevent, and if necessary, manage dive emergencies. Most certified PADI Rescue Divers look back on their rescue training as one of the most challenging - sometimes demanding - and therefore most rewarding courses they've taken. The subject is serious but the training is fun.

The classroom curriculum covers a wide range of topics including, The Psychology of Rescue, Recognizing Diver Stress, Accident Management, Assisting Responsive and Unresponsive Divers at the Surface and Underwater, Equipment Problems, Oxygen Delivery Systems, Missing Diver Procedures, Responding to Diver Emergencies and Inwater Rescue Breathing.  In addition to classroom activities, you'll complete the inwater training portion of the course in the Cuyuna (Crosby) Mines just east of our Brainerd facility. Your instructor will have you complete ten rescue exercises in open water, and then you will participate in two Rescue Diver Scenarios in open water.
The tuition for the MSD PADI Rescue Diver Course is $195.00 and is taught exclusively through our Brainerd facility on a weekend schedule. Classroom and open water training start at 9:00 AM on Saturdays and finish up at 6:00 PM. Sunday sessions run from 10 AM to 5:00 PM. Required materials include the Rescue Diver Manual and Slate ($39.95) and Rescue Diver DVD ($29.95). The manual's knowledge reviews must be completed and the DVD watched before the class starting date. Any equipment rental fees will be the responsibility of the student. Before we can submit your certification to PADI you will need to provide us proof of current CPR and First Aid certification. For those needing this training we offer an Emergency First Response (EFR) course - which integrates CPR and First Aid, on the Friday night before the Rescue class for an additional $50.00. Please check our class schedule page for specific class starting dates. 


Course Fee:

PADI eLearning Fee $165

Open Water Dives & Exam $125


Items for Class:


PADI online completion form

PADI Rescue Diver Online Course (eLearning)

For those people who have a difficult time schedule or for whatever reason can't make our weekend class time frame work for them, The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) offers a program in which students can complete most of the academic portions of PADI dive classes on-line. While this option may be slightly more expensive, many people find that the convenience of a flexible "learn when you want" schedule is worth it. Obviously you can't dive on-line, so you will still need to meet with us at MSD to complete your open water sessions. 

To start your online training, click on the PADI Rescue Diver photo above. Once on PADI's site, select "Purchase an Online Course - eLearning." From the drop down select "Rescue Diver - English." Then click "Buy Now."