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Certified Diver Refresher Activities

Certified divers who may have been out of diving for a while and are looking for a way to get back into it, have four options available to them. 

Option One: Participate in an MSD Fun Dive

Cost: $20 (normal fun dive charge) plus half price on rental if needed


Some divers can reclaim their comfort level in the water by simply joining us on a fun dive. If you let us know in advance, we can usually arrange for a dive master or instructor to buddy with you. Blowing some bubbles for an hour or so with an experienced diver may just do the trick.


Option Two: Work with a dive master for a few hours in the pool.

Cost: $75 plus half price on rental if needed
Figure out which (or all) of the 20 PADI pool refresher skills you want to work on and one of our dive masters will work with you until you feel comfortable. If you are going on a trip the dive master may also suggest reviewing certain dive skills based on your destination (i.e. if boat diving, giant strides and free descents may be suggested; if you are renting equipment in the Caribbean, most dive operations don't have weight integrated B.C.'s available - so concentrating on weight belt skills may be a good idea). 

Option Three: Full PADI online diver refresher (PADI ReActivate)
Cost: $63.00 PADI online course fee plus $75.00 fee for MSD open water or pool refresher on dive skills and half price on rental. To begin your online training, click on the PADI banner below. Once on PADI's site, select "Purchase an Online Course - eLearning." From the drop down select "Scuba Tune-up - English." Then click "Buy Now."