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Dive Master

The Dive Master Course will introduce a participant to the first of the professional levels of certification in the PADI progression. The curriculum includes online knowledge development, pool skill development and practical application sessions. A study of dive theory will be completed online. The role of a dive master as an assistant in training, and as a dive leader will be discussed during classroom sessions. Pool sessions will address developing demonstration quality dive skills and completing watermanship and stamina assessments. Practical application sessions include a mapping project, helping an instructor with diving classes both in the pool and open water, developing an emergency assistance plan, and organizing and conducting a fun dive.

PADI Dive Master (online and traditional classroom)

Dive Master training consists of three broad phases which include

  • Watermanship and dive skills assessment
  • Knowledge development (online and classroom sessions)
  • Practice application (internship)
Students must first attend an informational classroom session that discusses what is involved in the PADI Dive Master program, what the costs are - both initially and as they pursue their Dive Master vocation, and to help us organize a class meeting schedule.
The student must then complete the online PADI Dive Theory Course by utilizing an access code issued by MSD (the student should not initiate the program through PADI's website on their own) the fee for this online program is included in the cost of tuition.
Upon completion of the online Dive Theory and classroom sessions, the student will be required to take the dive master final exam section one only. Section two of the exam is covered by the online dive theory course. 
In addition to the online course and classroom sessions, at least two full weekends of pool and one weekend of open water time will be scheduled to complete the Dive Master water work. Dive Master candidates will then work with MSD instructors independently to complete their intern requirements.
The tuition for the MSD PADI Dive Master program is $425 plus books and materials and the Dive Master application fee ($115 payable to PADI as of May 2016). Books and materials crew packs are available in two configurations. The PADI Dive Master Crew Pack ($364.35) contains most of the materials needed for the course and comes with a Dive Master Manual. All students will also have to have their own RDP dive table (which is usually provided in the open water class). Please contact MSD for informational class starting dates.